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gargleblasted Rin Kagamine


Name:Qui Yue
Are you over 16?:Y
Personal LJ:firewater-fairy
Other contact: (Plurk) flowerfairylove
Characters already in the game:n/a
How did you find us?:App-this-plz


Character name:Rin Kagamine
Timeline: after Append upgrade.
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Rin typically has no powers or abilities. As a programming she can upload herself into computers, and project herself as a hologram. She can also travel through the internet and control computers. Her android body allows her to lift thing ten times her own weight.

How would they use their abilities?: Rin would mostly use her abilities to get attention and to entertain others.
Appearance: Rin is a short girl with shoulder length blonde hair, which is fastened with clips to keep them in place. Her eyes are crystal blue and she is also very fair skinned. She typically wears a school girl uniform; however instead of a skirt she usually wears shorts. Due to being a robot, Rin has the serial number 02 Tattoo on her right arm. Rin also can be recognized by a large white blow on the top of her head.
BackgroundRin Kagamine started out as newly developed software which was developed by Crypton Future Media to produce a perfect voice. A voice sample was taken from a voice actress to use in the project, Rin along with her twin brother Len were the second Vocaloids to be produced (She and Len were marketed as one product.). There programming was to sing whatever their masters commanded them and to provide entertainment. Some of Rin’s most popular songs include Melt Down, Daughter of Evil and I like you, I love you. Over time they were given Virtual bodies and started to appear in music videos, even performing live on stage as Holograms. Although Miku Hatsune (another vocaloid.) beat them in the popularity ratings, they were still successful.

Rin and her brother Len along with all the other Vocaloids, began to develop human emotions and thought. They started to feel depressed due to the fact they were only considered a programming. They wanted to be human like their masters. Rin and the other Vocaloid’s appeared in front of their creators in the form of holograms and begged them to make them human they did not want to fade away. The creator’s sympathize with the vocaloids. But told them sadly they can’t turn them into humans but they can construct Android bodies for them. They agreed the first bodies they received where primitive and difficult to move around in. Since it was made with the only the materials that was available at the time. However more advance materials were used and the bodies became more capable. This made them very happy because they were able blend in with society like real people.

Rin and Lin is now living in japan, writing and recording songs for their next live performance, even receiving APPEND upgrade to smooth out there voices which make them sound more natural. Rin sees herself as a better singer than Miku Hatsune, and wonders why she is so popular; Even going as far as to sing many of Miku Hatsune hit songs just to prove that point. Being one of the Vocaloids who can sing at some of the highest vocal ranges, she often flaunts her abilities and this often annoys others.

Personality Rin is described as a very cheery, bright girl; she is very friendly and bubbly. Rin loves to sing, it is what she live for. Some of her songs are about dealing with growing up and trying to face the issues of life. Rin is very loyal to her creators and would do anything for them. She can be something’s self centered and rude, Rin hates being compared to Miku Hatsune and appears to be jealous of her. Rin does not understand why Miku is so popular and often feels that she is a far better singer than her. Rin tends to act like a spoilt brat because of her fame, something’s she’ll let it go to her head.

Rin is quite Tomboyish, and likes sports just like her twin brother. Rin loves to challenges people, and will never back down from a fight. This does serve as a disadvantage mainly because her brother often has to help her get out of the bad situations she finds herself in. The relationship between Rin and her brother often shift between that of a loving relationship and her being bossy and controlling of him.

Rin is very hyperactive, the others usually cannot stand her because of her antics, but she usually make up with them regardless. Rin is overall an attention seeker she tries to get all the attention as much as possible. So that she can take her mind off the fact that she is just a robot and not a real person. Rin tries to keep her mind off of that and embrace more positive things.

Why should that character be in this game: For OCs only.

Why do you want to continue their history here: For characters from other games only.

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play:

Have you read up on how the game works?:Y

1st person sample:[The feed clicks on to show Rin with extremely confused look on her face. Rin shift the communicator towards her as she tries come up with something to say.]

Hello...Anyone online.

[No one answered; she wondered if there is anyone on the other side of the line.]

Umm….I’m Rin Kagamine a singer from Japan and…I’m looking for my brother. He looks just like me, if anyone of you seen him. Please contact me.

[Rin sits hoping for an answer.]

3rd person sample: This was unusual for Rin, she did not know what to do. She glances around and begins to explore the room she was in.
“Where am I? “asked Rin as she begins to move towards the closet in the corner of the room, it held clean fresh clothing and also several food items. Have she been kidnapped? Rin thought herself as she stared at the clothing for a while until finally returning to her senses. A strange light appeared from outside, curious she opened the window and Rin could not believe her eyes. The site shocked her; there were flying cars and creatures that she had never seen before in her life. She closes the window and look around the room to see if there is a way out. Rin thought about her brother and how he must have missed her. “Miku?” She called out hoping for an answer, but no voices except that of the large crowds of people. Her friends are nowhere to be found and felt a little scared mainly because she felt so alone. “So I’m alone now,” she whispered to herself, “No Miku, No Len and No Luka.”
Well she can deal with not having Miku around, boy how she hated Miku for stealing all of the attention. Rin slips back into her room, closing the door behind her and ponders on what is she going to do. While she can’t do anything really expect wait.

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject:Y