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Your Name:Qui Yue
LJ Username: firewater_fairy

Character's Name: Terra Branford
Series: Final Fantasy 6
Point Taken From: After coming in contact with the frozen esper which cause the slave crown on her head to explode and waking up in a strange place.

History Source Link(s): http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Terra_Branford
Personality: Terra is very confused young woman, she often questions herself on her emotions, she is frighten at first but eventually grows into a strong person. She becomes more assertive and sure of herself and about what she wants. Her unique heritage often separates her from others, as both the espers and the humans see her as different in other words she connected to both but is seen as nether one or the other.
Terra was taken in by the Gestahlian Empire at very young age to be raise as biological weapon. Later in life, a slave crown was place on her head which hamper her freedom of thought and dull her emotions.
She has under gone experimentation and training to increase her magic potential, and has become capable of frying 50 soldiers in 5 minutes. This has overall cause Terra to have problems trusting others, due not wanting to be use as a weapon of destruction. She fears her own existence as she sees herself as nothing but danger to others because of her powers. She question herself whether are not she can feel love and emotions because her mixed blood. She does not understand emotions or feelings very well, which cause her to appear cold and emotionless at most times.
Terra tends to be blind to the suffering of others because of this, it is way she was able to kill so easily and not feel any remorse for it. She’s now only beginning to feel a connection to the people around her. This connection is of friendship and trust that have developed between her and her team mates. She is very close to Celes Chere, even when they have started off with the wrong impression of each other. As when terra questions Celes about love she felt terra was insulting her and she walked away. Terra’s emotionless attitude can come as an advantage as she is calm, observant and collective in battle. However when she does get angry she will turn into an esper and shed herself of energy, which cause her entire body glow bright pink.
Powers and Abilities : Because of her half esper heritage, she can natural cast long amount of destructive magic in one sitting. Most of her default magic is of the element of fire. When she transforms into an esper this is called trance or morph, her body shed it self of raw magic. Her magic as a result does twice the damage and she takes only half the damage than if she were in human form. She can only stay in this form for a limit amount of time however as she becomes more experience, the longer she can stay in this form. Terra can also summon espers into battle to aid her with the fight.
Memory Lost:Her past and her identity as she only remembers her name.

Reason : Terra's past is important to her because it helps her to come to terms with who she is as a person, and where she'll be going. Her memories allow her to connecting to order people, if not then she will be emotionless as she usually is. Her memories are of those who love and care for her, so that she can know she is needed.

First Person Sample :
[Terra looks around the place and tries to examine the area she was in.]

I can’t remember anything.

[Her voice trembled as the words shimmered from her lips.]

Where is this place?

[She gets up and begins to explore the environment more closely; the area was quiet, dark and lonely.]

Why am I here?

[She asked herself, softly and in fright.]

I must get out of here, I have the children who depend on me I can’t let them done, I “m the only one they have got. I have to have faith in myself and the children.

[A strange sound rushed across the area, her body tingled in fright as she tries to see who it is or is it someone coming after her.]

Third Person Sample: Terra sits down on the clean green grass as begin to reflect on her life, she look up to clear blue sky with her innocent blue eyes as she sat there. She plays with the grass between her fingers, a moogle slowly come towards her. She brings her attention to the furry creature and reaches for it, the moogle crawled away into grass shyly in response to her actions. Terra got to her knees and begin to crawl towards the thick grass, moving like snake to get the creature, however as she entered her hand though the fields. She felt like she was being pulled into it, as she tried to pull her hand back however the force of the pull got stronger and jolted her in, deeper and deeper till she began to breathe heavily. She pulls her hand away from the grass however the force jolted her back towards it violently as she struggled, “You thought you can hide from me” the voice said and terra is forced into the fields violently as she falls into the ground, She then find herself unable to move and than she saw a bright light.

Terra wakes up breathing violent as she as she clutches her chest as her heart beats violent she looks to the sky and notice something oddly different. She looks around and begins wondering where she was. She begins to feel fear in her heart as she glances around at the new environment. Terra walks towards the road observing the environment.
Is this a dream she thought to herself as she look around, she clutches her heart as she begin to realize she is in another realm. It scares her to the bone, she called out but no one answered so she stand and wait till someone or something find her.