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I currently found my lost forum.....Thank god I also fixing it up.



Homework is so annoying, writing this essay is like writing a entire newspaper. Today i did nothing much expect do chores otherwise it was just another day. At school in business class, one of my classmates get into agrument with the teacher and walk out of the classroom. Well the teacher tend to get angry when some of the classmates ask him question so you know... And that i am afraid asking him anything so wounld not lash out on me. I will just have to go home and try understand the notes myself.


 I am in school at the moment doing research for homework. Right now i am just waiting for the next class to start. 

Happy New year

Happy new year and hope you all have wonderful new year.

At college

Hi i'm posting to say i,m in college now. I'm in the computer lab surfing the internet.

Merry chirstmas

Merry chirstmas and a happy new year.....



So how every body doing, going back to school tomorrow school is boring. hey winx club is coming back for a antoher season.


Boredom is killing me.............



Can you believe that first thing they give us is homework, i don't even under stand the chemistry homwork. I search the internet and can't find anything. School is so hard, i hate it.



School begin wesnesdays and i am worry.